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Our mission’s progress is fueled by the community through collaboration.

Associate Members

Associate Members of PTI are scientific leaders that help drive the intellectual agenda of the institute by contributing to meetings, workshops, evaluation of candidates for external positions and guidance of core projects at the institute. Members may propose projects using resources at ParallelSq, including sample preparation, mass spectrometry analysis, and computational analysis, that align with the institute's mission. All output from these member-initiated projects will follow the open science guidelines of the institute.

Affiliated Members

Affiliated members participate in regular meetings, workshops, and other events at PTI. They drive intellectual discussion of topics core to the institute’s mission.

Institute Fellows

This fellowship is an opportunity for early career scientists to lead independent projects within the institute that will contribute to the main technological and biological objectives of PTI: advancing the methodologies and applications of single cell proteomics. Applicants to this early career position will be chosen by core members of the institute, including the founding team of PTI and its affiliate members. This position affords funding, access to instrumentation and personnel, such as research assistants, to aid the projects proposed by the Institute Investigator. Doctoral training must be completed prior to receiving the award. The fellowship is expected to last 1.5 - 2 years upon appointment.

Technology & Science

Open Data & Tools


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